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Homeschool CPA provides a variety of services to fit your situation and budget.

Starting Out Smart
Preparing Not-for-Profit bylaws uniquely designed for homeschool organizations; Assistance in preparing Not for Profit Incorporation* papers with your state and State Charity Registration if needed. This service involves several telephone calls and e-mails. (Bylaws and Incorporation are required before applying for 501c3 exemption. See next item.) Cost $150 plus State registration fees (vary). Approximate time 2-4 weeks.
*As a CPA, I am not permitted to file incorporation papers because that would be an unlawful practice of law, so I work closely with a homeschool mother who is an attorney.  

Birthing a Not-For-Profit Organization
Preparing the IRS Application for Tax Exempt 501c3 Organizations (Form 1023), obtaining Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, conducting a name search. This involves several telephone calls and e-mails . By Laws and Incorporation required before applying for 501c3 exemption. See above item. Cost: $500 plus IRS fee of  $300 or $750. Approximate time 6 weeks.

Annual Checkup with Dr. IRS
Preparing the Annual Information Return for the IRS and your State. Involves several telephone calls and e-mails and copy of your financial statements (a QuickBooks file is preferred). Cost:
  • Form 990EZ (Revenues under $100K):  $200.  Approximate time: 2-4 weeks
  • Form 990 (Revenues $100K-$250K): $350  Approximate time: 4 weeks
  • Form 990 (Revenues over $250K):$500 Approximate time: 4-6 weeks
  • State Forms: $50-$100 depending on the state requirements.

Uniquely You Bookkeeping
Setting up a QuickBooks Chart of Accounts unique to your homeschool organization.  Cost $100-$500 depending on complexity.  (Your organization needs to buy their own copy of QuickBooks)

Watch Us Grow!

Preparing quarterly financial statements for non-for-profit boards. You send me your QuickBooks or Quicken file and I prepare the statements, offer advice and make suggestions. It’s like having a  remote Treasurer. Cost: Initial Setup: $200.  Quarterly Financial Statements and Analysis: $50-$100/quarter depending on complexity.

Where Does the Money Go?
Preparing a Budget for a homeschool organization. Cost: $100-$200 depending on complexity.

I Just Have a Quick Question…
Questions are quick, but answers are not! A pre-arranged phone call to discuss your unique situation. Cost: $50/hour.

Buying Peace of Mind
A review of forms you have prepared yourself. Save money by doing much of the work yourself. I will review Forms 1023 or Annual Form 990 and offer my opinion and advice. Cost: $100 per form. Time: 1-2 weeks.

Can you come visit us?
I can present workshops on not-for-profit management at homeschool conferences and conventions. Price is negotiable but typically includes a vendor booth/display, your typical speaker honorarium and travel costs.