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Starting a New Homeschool Group?

Congratulations! You are entering a wonderful new phase of homeschooling-starting a homeschool organization! You work and effort will certainly pay off and be a benefit to other homeschoolers if you do a good job.

Start by reading this document:
Common nonprofit types pyramid

This checklist will keep you on track
A checklist for new homeschool organizations

Then read the following articles in order:
  1. What's in a name?
  2. Choosing a leadership team
  3. Writing your mission statement
  4. Getting an EIN from the IRS
  5. Identifying who you are by writing bylaws
  6. Sample bylaws
  7. Budgeting basics
Have an Existing Homeschool Group?

Good for you! You've given of your time and talents to benefit other homeschool families. I'’m sure your efforts have been appreciated! I imagine you have questions and want advice, need answers and would love some guidance.

Nonprofit Incorporation
501c3 tax exempt status
Important Topics
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