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Money Management for Homeschool Organizations
  (39 pages)

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Chapter Titles and Topics
  • Money Management for a Small Group: A Checking Account / Getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS / Record keeping
  • Money Management for a Medium-Sized Group : Open a Separate Checking Account / Appoint a Treasurer / Establish a Budget / Bookkeeping Basics / Using Software for Financial Records
  • Money Management for a Large Group: Collecting Fees  / Computer Records  / Compare Quickbooks to Small Business Accounting / Regular Reporting of Financial Status  / How to Read Financial Statements  / Frequent Budget Monitoring /Comparisons for Board Reports
  • Insurance for Homeschool Groups: Types of Insurance / Reducing Risk/  Shop Wisely
  • Hiring Paid Teachers or Employees: Can You Pay a Volunteer? / Two Categories of Workers / Can’t Decide? Let the IRS Help / Employment forms / Practical Tips
Tax Exempt 501c3 Status for Homeschool Organizations
 (51 pages)

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Chapter Titles and Topics
  • What does 501c3 mean anyway? What if You’re Not a Charity
  • Do you need to be a 501c3 tax exempt organization? The IRS Grants Tax Exempt Status / What Does Your State Require? / Common Non Profit Forms / Benefits of 501c3 status / Disadvantages 501c3 status
  • What will it take? Are You Ready? / Writing a Mission Statement / Establishing a Board of Directors / Writing By Laws
  • Nonprofit Incorporation: What is it and do you need it? / What is Incorporation? / Do You Need to Incorporate? / What Does Incorporating Involve? / Choosing Your Name Carefully / Seven Great Reasons to Incorporate
  • Check list for Homeschool Organizations That Want 501c3 Tax Exempt Status
  • The Application Process: IRS Form 1023 / Mission Statement / A Board and Bylaws / Financial Statements
  • We’re Tax Exempt ! Now What? Annual Reporting to the IRS and Your State / Disclosure Requirements / Donations / Political limitations / Conflict of Interest